A Blueprint to China Furniture Market

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Whether you want metal furniture, wood furniture, or general furniture – this guide will help you explore the key furniture market in China.

Let’s dive right in:

How Big is China Furniture Market

Although the specific figures vary depending on the research institution, the undisputed fact remains – China is the biggest furniture exporter globally.

Ideally, it is the first destination for any business importing furniture globally due to:

  • Unlimited furniture designs
  • Affordable quality furniture
  • Export-oriented country for sourcing furniture
  • Flexible MOQ
  • Fast turnaround for furniture manufacturing

But, even with this, let’s get some data on the China furniture market size.

According to Statista data on China Furniture:

  1. Between 2023 and 2027, the growth projection is at 11.2%
  2. Revenue in 2023 is projected to be about 95.73 billion dollar USD
  3. The highest revenue contributor is living room furniture with about 36.06 billion dollar USD
Furniture Statistics
Furniture Statistics

As you can see, the future looks bright for the furniture market in China.

Key Furniture Markets in China

The China furniture wholesale market provides unlimited opportunities. It remains the largest globally. Therefore, exploring the market can be a difficult task.

A reason this section will guide you on where to find China furniture suppliers. Broadly, we have two main segments:

1. China Furniture Market Online

With the advancement of technology, many China furniture manufacturers and suppliers are fighting for online space to reach out to the international market.

As a result, you can easily access the furniture market in China through various 2B2 websites. You may consider online stores:


Alibaba is a popular B2B market for buying furniture. You will meet furniture suppliers and manufacturers.

Furniture on Alibaba
Furniture on Alibaba

Made in China

Through the Made in China platform, you can meet many China furniture suppliers.

Made in China furniture
Made in China Furniture


Alternatively, you can try hktdc.com. Like Alibaba and Made in China, you can get a wide range of Chinese furniture suppliers here.


Global Sources

On Global source, you can meet many furniture suppliers from China.

Global Sources Furniture
Global Sources Furniture


DHgate is yet another B2B platform where you can get furniture made in China. There are many China furniture manufacturers and suppliers.

DHgate Furniture
DHgate Furniture

Apart from these, there are other China online furniture stores such as Tmall, and Taobao. However, the websites are in the Chinese language. Therefore, shopping may be a little inconvenient due to the language barrier.

In short, China furniture market online is just one segment. Even with this, you can see there are thousands of furniture designs to choose from.

Apart from this, let’s shift to the physical or “traditional” market in China.

2. Local Markets in China

It will be practical to divide the furniture industry market in China into different regions.

Here is an overview of the broad market:

South China

At times, you may refer to this region as China furniture city. Some strategic market places in this region are:

Guangzhou Furniture Market

In Guangzhou, there are many places to buy best furniture. Among the key markets in Guangzhou are:

  • Large World Furniture Square
  • Louvre Furniture Mall
  • Biaozhi
Furniture store in Guangzhou
Furniture Store in Guangzhou

If you are planning to visit this city, here is a travel guide: Guangzhou Travel Guide.

Shenzhen Furniture Market

Although Shenzhen is known for electronics, you will find good furniture. You can get furniture in:

  • Zuoyou Furniture
  • Foyong International
  • Futian Emporium
  • Shunshen Store
Shenzhen furniture stores
Shenzhen Furniture Stores

Here is a quick guide when visiting the city: Shenzhen Travel Guide.

Dongguan Furniture Market

Some places to consider when visiting Dongguan furniture outlets are:

  • Houjie International
  • Tongchuang Market
  • Guangfa Furniture, just to mention a few
Dongguan furniture stores
Dongguan Furniture Stores

Here is a complete Dongguan Travel Guide.

Shunde Furniture Market

Shunde is a popular destination for importing furniture from China. Some stores within Shunde furniture outlets include:

  • Louvre Furniture Mall
  • Locong Furniture City
  • Lufeng Shunde Furniture
Shunde furniture outlets
Shunde Furniture Outlets

Here is your Shunde Travel Guide.

Foshan Furniture Market

There are many options you can consider when buying furniture from Foshan such as:

  • Foshan International Furniture Mall
  • Furniture Mall
  • Sunlink Furniture
  • Red Star Macalline
Foshan Furniture stores
Foshan Furniture Stores

Here is your Foshan Travel Guide.

Central Chinese Coast

The region host many China furniture factories and markets. Let’s have a quick look at three common regions.

Shanghai Furniture Market

If you are thinking of exploring Shanghai furniture stores, then these are some options you may consider;

  • Jiuxing Market
  • Qianhua Furniture
  • Xiaonuan Furniture Square
  • Yuegang Furniture
  • Chuansha Market, among others
Shanghai furniture stores
Shanghai Furniture Stores

Here is your Shanghai Travel Guide.

Jiangsu Furniture Market

There are many small markets for furniture in Jiangsu such as;

  • Likou Furniture Store
  • Xinxin Furniture outlet
  • Guobing Furniture Store
Jiangsu Furniture Market
Jiangsu Furniture Market

Here is your Jiangsu Travel Guide.

Zhejiang Furniture Market

Zhejiang is a famous wholesale furniture market in China. You have unlimited options when it comes to furniture designs.

Some common places are:

  • Yiwu Furniture Market
  • Jiashan Market
  • Zhuji Market
Zhejiang furniture market
Zhejiang Furniture Market

Here is your Zhejiang Travel Guide.

North Coastal Region

You may also buy furniture from north coastal region. It has good markets for furniture such as:

Beijing Furniture Market

In Beijing, there are many places you can get quality furniture such as:

  • Red Star Macalline Furniture
  • Xinbiaozhi Furniture
  • Chaowai Classical
  • Temple Of Heaven
  • Longshuncheng Zhongshi
  • Antique City, amongst others
Beijing furniture stores
Beijing Furniture Stores

Here is your Beijing Travel Guide.

Tianjin Furniture Market

Like other markets for furniture in China, Tianjin offers many stores for all your furniture such as:

  • Shigujiu Furniture
  • Lecong
  • Mingqing Furniture Store
Tianjin furniture stores
Tianjin Furniture Stores

Here is your Tianjin Travel Guide.

Hebei Furniture Market

At Hebei, you will get many furniture options depending on your unique designs and specifications. Among the most common furniture marketplaces in Hebei include:

  • Gu’an Antique Market
  • Gaozhu Furniture
  • Xinghua Furniture City
Hebei Furniture
Hebei Furniture

You can use this Hebei Travel Guide when shopping for furniture.

Shandong Furniture Market

Looking at the furniture market in Shandong, the situation is not different. Some furniture stores in this city include:

  • Shuangfeng Furniture
  • Huadong Furniture Comprehensive Market
  • Tongsheng Furniture
Shandong Furniture Store
Shandong Furniture Store

This Shandong Travel Guide will help you find your way within the city.

Furniture Markets in Central China

In central China furniture wholesale market, there are diversified designs as well. Of course, you can find furniture from many stores in different cities such as:

Fujian Furniture Stores

There are many stores with many furniture designs such as:

  • Longhai Minnan
  • China Red Market
  • Fuma
  • Yan Tang Min Fa
  • Shengfeng
  • Quanfa
Fujian Furniture Stores
Fujian Furniture Stores

You can use Fujian Guide when shopping for furniture.

Markets for Furniture in Anhui

Among the main markets for furniture in Anhui China are:

  • Zhongzhou
  • Ronghua
  • Huizhou
Anhui Furniture Stores
Anhui Furniture Stores

Here is a guide to Visiting Anhui.

Shandong Furniture Stores

When you visit Shandong, there are varieties of Chinese furniture to choose from. You can visit the many stores available such as:

  • Shuangfeng
  • Huadong
  • Wuzhou
  • Tongsheng
Shandong Furniture Store
Shandong Furniture Store

Here is your Shandong Travel Guide.

Henan Furniture Malls in China

Even in Henan furniture stores, there are many options to choose from. Some furniture stores include:

  • F3 Furniture Store
  • Volvo Furniture Store
  • Risheng Furniture City
Henan Furniture Store
Henan Furniture Store

Here is a complete Henan Travel guide.

Furniture Market in North East China

When sourcing furniture in North East China, you can consider these key cities:

Shenyang Furniture Stores

Shenyang furniture comes in many designs and configurations. You can get the furniture in:

  • Dongmao
  • Shenyang
  • Nova Furniture
Sheyang Furniture Stores
Sheyang Furniture Stores

Here is your Shenyang travel guide.

Dalian Wholesale Furniture in China

Visiting Dalian for your furniture from China allows you to select the best designs. Some furniture stores in this region include:

  • Lianxi
  • Anbo
  • Hongli
  • Youli
Dalian Furniture Outlets
Dalian Furniture Outlets

Have a look at the Dalian travel guide.

Even with these outlets, finding a furniture factory in China will be a better option. Most China factories offer competitive prices alongside other services such as custom designs.

At Dongrong, we are a leading furniture manufacturer in China. Based in Fujian, we will help you get high-quality, reliable, and durable metal furniture from China.

Furniture Types to Import from China

Whether you want traditional Chinese furniture or modern designs – there is always an options for you. It does not matter whether you want standard or custom furniture.

Some examples include:

  • Indoor furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Tables and chairs
  • All kitchen furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Kid’s furniture
  • Furniture made from different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, or composite material

How to Get Competitive Best Furniture Prices in China

There are no fixed China furniture market prices. The prices will vary depending on:

  • Depending on supply and demand
  • Material type
  • Furniture design
  • Dimensions of the furniture
  • The Chinese city where you are buying the furniture

In addition to these, working with a sourcing agent will help you get high-quality furniture at affordable prices.


China furniture market offers many options for your furniture needs. However, working with sourcing agent will help you get competitive prices.

If you can, contact the manufacturer directly.

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