Coffee Table Size Guide

Choosing a perfect coffee table size can be an overwhelming task. First, you have to deal with the varying top designs, then the height among other coffee table features.

This guide gives you a simple way to choose the perfect size of a coffee table.

How Big Should a Coffee Table Be?

Coffee Table
Coffee Table

Different coffee tables have different sizes, and your choice is influenced by several factors. This can be the size of your room, your sofa, or any other furniture present. Ideally, your coffee table should be smaller than your couch but sizeable enough to ensure proportionality in your space.

Tips for Selecting the Right Shape of Coffee Table

Instead of directly settling for the standard rectangular coffee tables, look around and explore other different shapes before making a decision. How will a round coffee table, an oblong coffee table, or even a square coffee table impact your space?

Well, if you’re working with a designer, they can customize your coffee table based on your space. However, if you’re doing it yourself, here is what you need to know:

Round coffee tables are ideal for smaller spaces, and since they have no sharp edges, they provide safety for small children or pets. In addition to that, they blend perfectly with short couches.

An oblong coffee table is also a good alternative to round coffee tables since it lacks sharp edges.

On the other hand, polygon-shaped coffee tables fit in well with short couches.

Opting for a rectangular coffee table requires you to have longer couches for them to blend in well. Keep in mind that square coffee tables are suitable for larger spaces and blend in well with l-shaped couches.

Coffee Table Dimensions
Coffee Table Dimensions

· Coffee Table Height

Your coffee table should not be taller than your sofa’s seat. Still, remember that going much lower with your coffee table will mess with your room’s aesthetics. You should not have it lower or higher than 4” from your sofa’s seat.

· Coffee Table Length

Notably, the length of your coffee table should be less than that of your couch. To find the right measurement, take the longest side of your couch and divide it into two halves. The size of one half of it the couch is the ideal length of your coffee table.

· Coffee Table Width

A proper width should allow for easy movement around your coffee table. To achieve this, the distance between your sofa and coffee table should be at least 13” to 18”.

· Coffee Table Surface Area

The surface area of your coffee table is simply the space it covers. For the record, your coffee table should never occupy more space than your sofa. Placing it a few inches away from the couch, preferably 13” to 18”, is fine.

Useful Tips for Selecting the Right Coffee Table Size

  • In case your coffee table appears short, you can find a similar one and join them to achieve a large table illusion.
  • Coffee tables with storage compartments are best if you want extra storage.
  • Your needs play an important role in selecting the type of coffee table you want. A good example is how round coffee tables ensure safety owing to their lack of sharp edges. The same applies to how your decorating style will affect your taste and preferences.

Are you looking for a specific size of coffee table? Well, we are here to help you choose a perfect design depending on your requirements – talk to us now.

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