Counter Stools Vs Barstools – Complete Comparison

Before choosing whether to choose counter stools or barstools, you should read this guide. It compares everything you need to know about these two types of stools.

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What is a Counter Stool?

A counter stool is a specially made seating accommodation designed to be utilized in a home setting. This piece of furniture has a shorter height compared to similar seats with its height ranging from 24 inches to around 27 inches which allows it to fit the surfaces that it is set by.


What is a Barstool?

A barstool is a specialized seat whose main distinguishing feature is its height which ranges from 28 inches up to 32 inches. These customized seats are specifically designed for commercial spaces that utilize raised countertops such as bars, restaurants, and clubs.


Types of Counter Stools

Manufacturers design different types of counter stools to add more style and practicality to the finished product. There are common types of counter stools available in the market. These types include;

  • Backless counter stools – they feature a basic design that is efficient for applications where space is a limiting factor.
  • Low-back counter stools – are manufactured with an additional midway support frame in the back. This design offers more in terms of comfort as it has a bit of support
  • High-back counter stools – These stools are more advantageous as they have a wider support frame which makes them more comfortable even Swivel counter stools have one major advantage which is the ability to turn around in the seat owing to its revolving seat. This allows for an easier mount as well as getting off the stool even in packed areas.
  • Armrest counter stools – These are the ultimate counter stools when it comes to comfort. The stool is supported both at the back and at the side making them more comfortable and therefore easier to relax in.

Types of Barstools

There are various designs of barstools available in the market as well as customizing options that allow you to curate the perfect barstool for you. The different types of barstools that are readily available include;

  • Backless bar stools; whose minimalistic design makes them effective for limited spaces and easier to store.
  • Low back bar stools; are typically designed with half a back frame that offers a small amount of support making them a bit more comfortable.
  • High-back bar stools; which feature a fully supported back adding to its comfort.
  • Swivel bar stools; are equipped with a seat that rotates making it easier to maneuver up and off the stool
  • Armrest bar stools; whose design maximizes comfort and support making it the best for prolonged use.

Advantages of Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

Although designed with some slight differences both the counter stools and barstools are designed for similar applications with variations in the locations.

Their benefits are therefore similar with a few differences with regards to individually unique features. These benefits include;

  • The stools can effortlessly be modified and customized to create unique styles better suited to the buyers. Features such as the height, color, size, and finishing can be altered according to the buyer’s specification
  • These stools generally feature a minimalistic design that minimizes the space occupied by normal seats. This feature makes it efficient for areas with limited space. They can also be easily stored without requiring a lot of storage space
  • There are various contrasting designs of the stool some of which are customized to offer a comfortable seating place. The stools that feature a fully supported back and armrests are very comfortable and can be used for a long time.
  • Stools lend more style to your home or commercial settings. With unique customized designs, stools can be used to make a statement while giving your space character alongside comfort.

The stools are generally suitable for all.  With different designs, you can easily find a stool that I most suited for your application. The stools are also designed to fit people of shapes and sizes with some incorporating more features to increase the comfort of the stool.

Bar Stools
Bar Stools

Differences between Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

Even though both counter stools and barstools are designed for the same purpose. Some distinguishing features differentiate the two stools. These differences include

  • Counter stools are generally designed to be shorter than taller barstools. Counter stool height typically ranges from 24 inches to around 27 inches while the taller bar stool’s height ranges from 28 inches to 32 inches.
  • Counter stools are designed for use in a domestic setting such as the kitchen counter or a kitchen island that are shorter. Barstools are designed for use in commercial spaces that feature taller counters.
  • Barstools have footrests installed into the frame to make it more comfortable while resting given its tall height. Counter stools do not require footrests because their shorter height allows your feet to touch the ground.

Height of Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

Bar Stool and Counterstool Dimensions
Bar Stool and Counterstool Dimensions

As previously mentioned one of the defining features that differentiate the counter stool from the bar stool is their height.

Because counter stool is designed for more private setting like the kitchen counter they are generally shorter to make them more practical for these counter that are also lower. Its height ranges from 24 inches to around 27 inches

Barstools on the other hand are specifically customized for commercial spaces that often require taller counters that offer more privacy while sectioning off behind the counter. The barstools are therefore taller to allow easy access to the top. Its height ranges from 28 to 32 inches.

Choosing Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

There are a few factors that you should take into account while selecting the best stool for your space. Whether it is for your kitchen or your restaurant it is important to consider these factors;

Height of the Countertop

The type of stool you select should take into consideration the top of the surface where it is set next to. Kitchen counters that are generally short require shorter stools while bars that have raised tops require taller stools. It is important to consult with your supplier if you are unsure about the appropriate height for your specific counters

General Aesthetic

Although not a practical necessity, the design of the stool must be in theme with the rest of the décor in your space. While stools can add style while offering comfort the wrong type of stool can stand out from the rest of the furniture in an undesirable way.

Raw Material

The material utilized in the production of the stool is also a vital factor that should be considered. Different materials will come in different styles and cost varying prices. The quality of the material and its longevity should also be considered.

Materials Used to Design Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

Counter stools and bar stools are created in unique styles that are designed from different materials. The various materials each have different strong points, it is therefore important to select the one that will take all your application needs into consideration. A seat can incorporate different materials to make the design more appealing or to increase comfort. The materials used include

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Faux leather

Price of Counter Stools Vs. Barstools

The prices of both counter stools and bar stools are not fixed and may vary from one manufacturer to the next.

The prices take into account other several production factors including materials utilized, the intricacy of the design, and the brand. These stool prices generally range from as low as fifty dollars to as high as five hundred for a single unit.

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