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Dongrong is known for its cutting-edge and contemporary furniture designs. Our furniture constructions are backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of market trends. Our commitment to researching and following the latest trends in the furniture industry, allows us to stay at the forefront of design and offer unique styles that appeal to your target audience.

We are dedicated to creating furniture that not only looks great but is also comfortable, safe, and functional. Our years of completing client projects have given us the expertise to modernize chairs and tables as well as elevate our client’s brands. Whether you’re looking for furniture for your business or any projects, Dongrong has the experience and market knowledge to create designs that meet your needs.

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Customer Services

Superb Customer Service

At Dongrong, we understand that creating the perfect chairs and tables requires a collaborative approach. That’s why we guide our customers through every stage of the design & construction process. Our team of experts will work with you to optimize your concept and provide professional insights and recommendations regarding all aspects of your idea.

Design and development: including more than 10,000 successful products which can be used for improvement design, product size, product color, product function suggestion, 2-week fast proofing, professional packaging design, and instruction manual design. Professional logo design, professional product shooting, professional installation video shooting.

We take into account your preferred style, fabric, material, chair height, backrest, waist support, armrest, & color style to ensure that the final design is perfect.

By discussing every aspect of your concept, we can identify and eliminate any possible flaws in your design. Resulting in a refined product that not only meets but exceeds your goals.

Precise Furniture Design

Dongrong owns state-of-the-art workshops, equipped with the latest machinery to produce custom chairs and tables to your exact specifications.

Our workshops feature different types of punching machines, CNC laser cutting machines, automatic laser welding robots, bending machines, fabric cutters, etc. This means that our production team has all the tools we need to help you expand your chairs and tables catalog while staying within your budget.

We can produce large quantities of high-quality furniture efficiently and quickly, without sacrificing quality. Whether you need to create new designs or replicate existing ones, our advanced equipment and production team are up to the task.

At Dongrong, we are committed to delivering high-quality, custom furniture that meets your exact specifications and helps you reach new markets.

Precise Furniture Design

Unique Designs that Stand Out

Simple but Luxurious
Simple but Luxurious

We offer chairs and tables that are simple and elegant.

They are designed to provide maximum comfort & beauty in a minimalistic way.

Our range of chairs is perfect for those who appreciate clean lines, uncluttered spaces, & a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

Sturdy and Comfortable
Sturdy and Comfortable

At Dongrong, we believe that furniture should be both sturdy & comfortable.

That’s why we’ve designed our chairs to offer the perfect balance of both. Our chairs are crafted with an ergonomic shape for the backrest & armrest.

That helps to provide superior comfort & support, even during prolonged periods of sitting.

Uncomplicated Designs
Uncomplicated Designs

We’ve designed our furniture with an uncomplicated form that is both elegant and versatile.

Whether you’re looking for seating for your home, office, or business, our chairs are the perfect choice for those who appreciate simplicity & understated elegance.

With their minimalist design & neutral color palette, our furniture is the perfect complement for any room ideas.

One Stop Furniture OEM Factory

Dongrong is a high-end OEM furniture manufacturer in China, we provide the best service to our customers.
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