Dining Room Table Size Guide

At times, choosing the right size of a dining room table can be challenging without the right information.

The truth is – there are many variables determining which dining room table size you should go for. That is exactly what we will cover right here.

What is the Standard Size of the Dining Room Table?

Dining Room Table Sizes
Dining Room Table Sizes

Most dining room tables measure from 36” to 40” wide. However, it’s worth noting that different sizes of dining room tables are designed to accommodate different capacities.

Different Sizes of the Dining Room Table (Based on Seating Capacity

Dining Room Set
Dining Room Set

Dining room tables can accommodate as few as 2 people to as many as 12 people. The size you select depends on different variables, such as your room space, the shape of the dining room table, and your taste. Here are the different sizes of dining room tables, along with their respective capacities.

  • A 24” dining room table accommodates 2 people.
  • 42”-54” dining room table accommodates 4 people.
  • 68”-72” dining room table accommodates 6 people.
  • 80”-90” dining room table accommodates 8 people.
  • 92”-108” dining room table accommodates 10 people.
  • 120” dining room table accommodates 12 people.

Keep in mind that these sizes are also based on the shape of your dining room table.

Placement of the Dining Room Table

Dining Table and Chairs
Dining Table and Chairs

Minimum Distance between the Wall and Dining Room Table

The dining room table should be positioned in such a manner that it neither takes up much space nor is too small. That said, it’s important to leave space for the dining chairs once you position the dining room table. This can range from 36” to 48” of space.

Dimensions of the Dining Room Table

Dimensions of Dining Set
Dimensions of Dining Set

· Height of the Dining Room Table

Most dining room tables are designed to be 30” tall. However, this figure can be slightly lower or upper, mostly by 2” depending on the size or design of the dining room table.

· Width of the Dining Room Table

Owing to the different sizes of dining room tables, the width also greatly varies. It’s important to consider the convenience you want with your dining room table. By this, I mean, ensure that the width is enough to easily pass over stuff across the table. As such, a width ranging from 30” to 48” is suitable to ensure convenience.

· Length of the Dining Room Table

Your dining table should be long enough to accommodate guests comfortably without knocking elbows when having a meal.

That said, it’s always best to buy your table first so that you can find the right estimates for your chair spacing. While at it, remember that the table leg at the edge of the table consumes some space, which might affect the capacity of your dining room table.

How to Calculate the Size of Your Dining Room Table

Your dining room space is a key element when calculating the size of your dining room table. Start by getting all the measurements of your dining room. Once you get the length and width of your space, subtract 6 feet on each side. This is done to create some space on both sides. The figures you get after the subtraction are the ideal size for your dining room table.

Finding the Right Dining Room Table Shape for your Space

The four common shapes for dining room tables are rectangle, square, round, and oval. More often than not, rectangular dining room tables are used to accommodate several people. In addition to that, you are more likely to locate them in spaces that are long and narrow. The same applies to oval dining room tables.

On the other hand, square and round dining room tables are often present in smaller spaces. They are the best fit if so, you want to achieve a cozy feel in your dining room space.

At DongRong, we will help you choose the perfect table for your dining room. Whether you want our custom-made designs or custom options, contact us now.

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