New Trend Furniture

If you are looking for new trend furniture made from metal, then read this guide. We have lots of design option ideas.

Whether you want mid-century modern furniture, modern furniture, or contemporary furniture – we will help you get the best furniture.

What is a New Trend Furniture?

New trends in the furniture industry describe ideas, designs, concepts, or materials that are currently being talked about or sort-after by many people. Over the years, China furniture market offers a perfect option for the new trend in furniture design.

Trending metal laptop table
Trending metal laptop table

The truth is – the furniture market is so dynamic and broad. Besides, every day, we have a new furniture design.

Again, when it comes to furniture material trends, the classification is somehow limited. This is because the focus will be on different metal materials and furniture upholstery. However, the designs are unlimited – it is only limited by your imagination.

Let’s explore some common options:

100% Metal Furniture

Trending metal bathroom rack
Trending metal bathroom rack

Although metal furniture is not new, they come in different designs and configurations. With contemporary designs, trending metal furniture show complex curves with varying surface finish options.

Whether you are looking for new trends in bedroom furniture which offer comfort and opulence, 100% metal design can be your best bet.


Metal Folding Bed
Metal Folding Bed

For the new trend in living room furniture, you can choose a conservatory or sectional metal furniture. Many metal sofas blend both modern furniture designs and contemporary furniture design options.

The furniture is both durable and reliable.

Remember, if you are considering new outdoor furniture trends, rust-resistant metal. You can consider steel pipe. Moreover, surface treatment is critical to protect metal furniture from rusting.

For instance, you can choose aluminum furniture with distinct corners. Or, you may consider aluminum patio furniture with curved arm sections. Other new outdoor furniture trends may include a luxurious antique sofa daybed with a metal frame.

When it comes to new office furniture trends, you can choose functional steel office storage cabinets, corner metal office desks, metal reception desks, and modular office workstations, just to mention a few.

Metal Bookshelf
Metal Bookshelf

In short, there are unlimited options when it comes to new trend furniture for every section. Working with a trusted manufacturer will help you design new trend concept furniture fabricated from metal for your unique requirements.

Metal Plus Other Material

There are many new trends in furniture that blend different themes to either achieve:

  • Transitional furniture design
  • Traditional furniture design
  • Luxurious furniture designs

By blending the right material, you can make timeless furniture that offers both classy and functional themes. These are unique new trend furniture that will never go out of style or fashion.

Let’s look at some common trending furniture designs:

  • New trends in kitchen furniture feature metal stand and wooden seat. Other may feature metal bases and plastic seat
  • Another trending kitchen furniture is a steel rack of shelf plastic section
  • Adjustable microwave rack
  • Most trending coffee tables have metal structures with glass, wood, or marble top
Metal and other material for furniture
Metal and other materials for furniture

Such trending furniture is carefully crafted to offer versatile options. Remember, using metal tubes or rods as opposed to solid metal produces lightweight metal furniture.

In short, whether you are focusing on minimalist furniture, contemporary furniture, or industrial furniture, metal furniture offers unlimited possibilities.


Metal + Other Material Remarks
Metal + wood furniture · Gives furniture elegancy, modern and cozy look

· Best for a natural and timeless appearance

· Common trending furniture here includes chairs, beds, bookshelves, dining sets, etc.

Metal + marble furniture · Mainly associated with opulence, luxury, and sophistication in the trending furniture market

· Common trending furniture with both metal and marble are coffee tables, consoles, and dining tables

Metal + glass furniture ·  If you want a sense of brightness, spaciousness and a timeless look then try glass and metal

· They are suitable for display units, coffee tables, working desks, etc.

Metal + plastic furniture · More functional, transitional, and affordable furniture

· They are common in chairs, bar stools, etc.


Trending Metal Furniture Finishes

Surface finishes on metal furniture will determine whether you are focusing on contemporary, modern, or opulent furniture.

Here are some trending furniture finishing options:

Painted Metal Furniture

Color Type Remarks
Gold finish · Associated with luxury and opulence
Black finish · Suitable for most decorative spaces and create a timeless appearance

· Matte black metal furniture has been trending recently, especially as office and hotel furniture

Silver finish · Known for its minimalistic and simple appearance
Copper finish · Offer rustic or vintage appearance


Other Surface Finishing on Metal Furniture

Finishing on Metal Furniture Surface Remarks
Polished Finish · Metal furniture surfaces are polished for a shinier appearance

· You can polish stainless steel and brass furniture

Brushed Finish · They feature a streaked finish on a furniture surface

· Using the abrasive brush, you can create the best texture for your metal furniture


Note: When it comes to finishing, you can buy any according to the prevailing metal furniture trends.

How to Design Metal Furniture for Future Trends

Everyone wishes to be a leader in the new trend furniture market. How to achieve this requires creativity.

Therefore, working with a creative furniture metal manufacturer will help you get the best furniture designs. Among the key variables to consider for the best designs include:

Standing desk
Standing desk

Metal Furniture Frame

For metal furniture design you must fabricate the best frame for your furniture. Whether you wish to fabricate a metal stool, metal table, or metal sofa, the frame plays an important role in the entire structure.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the bases, legs, geometrical shapes, and the entire structure.

Consider Metal Furniture Legs

Unique designs such as round bases and sled legs which are made from either metal tube or solid metal are critical. You can make contemporary furniture designs, especially for tables and stools.

Back Designs

When it comes to the furniture back section, you have either an exposed or concealed back section.

In the recent past exposed metal frame is among the new trending furniture in the industry. There are many back designs – from simple to more complex geometrical shapes.

Again, for a comfortable and classy look, you should choose furniture upholstery that matches the metal design.

Tip: Always work with a professional metal furniture manufacturing company in China to get the most trending metal furniture designs.


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to metal furniture construction designs and finishing.

At DongRong, we have creative designers and engineers ready to help you pioneer your new trend furniture – contact our team now.

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