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Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer in China

DongRong is a professional manufacturer specializing in outdoor furniture production and designing. We supply different kinds of outdoor-use furniture including garden furniture, patio furniture, balcony furniture, and more. Our wide selection of this furniture will surely skyrocket your brand and business.

You can choose designs such as traditional or contemporary based on your furniture brand requirements. Regardless of the design, rest assured that our outdoor furniture is manufactured with sleek style.

At DongRong, we guarantee to provide competitive prices without compromising the furniture quality. Our outdoor furniture is fully customizable according to your needs. Thus, we can help you provide customers with 100% satisfaction. Just send us your details and specifications.

Stackable Indoor Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Wood Furniture
Heavy Duty Aluminium Metal Furniture
Metal Lounge Patio Furniture
Café Outdoor Furniture
Balcony Folding Furniture
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Why Choose DongRong Outdoor Furniture

As a trusted supplier, we offer excellent services including:

Free Design Consultation. DongRong offers free consultation on your outdoor furniture design to meet your requirements.

Custom Options. We provide different custom options such as colors, finishing, sizes, and material selection.

Fast Lead Times. Rest assured that we can provide fast lead time up to 8 weeks.

Warranty. We offer a long-term quality warranty to support your business.

outdoor furniture manufacturer
Optimal Features

We offer outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, lounger, and more. This furniture is durable and has low to no maintenance. It can last for years of usage. As this is used for outdoor setting, you can assure that it will withstand harsh weather and UV rays.

  • Appealing designs
  • Artisan craftmanships
Quality Assurance

All our outdoor furniture is manufactured by our expert craftsmen and designers. The raw materials used undergo inspection before production.

We have knowledgeable quality control team to ensure each furniture is meticulously tested after assembly.

Rest assured that we adhere to different industry standards such as ISO, CE, and more during the production. We also perform final inspection before shipment.

One Stop Furniture OEM Factory

Dongrong is a high-end OEM furniture manufacturer in China, we provide the best service to our customers.
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