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Ergonomic Plastic Chair Manufacturer

DongRong is a professional plastic chair supplier in China. Our factory has a team of experienced and highly trained furniture designers. Thus, be assured that we can provide innovative plastic chair solutions and concepts for your business. Guaranteed that DongRong can satisfy your customer’s demands.

As a trusted manufacturer, we can produce the highest quality chairs to elevate your business. Whether you are starting your own furniture brand, you can take advantage of our low MOQ. We also offer after-sales support, timely delivery, and competitive prices. Skyrocket your brand with DongRong plastic chairs!

Modern Simple Economic Dining Plastic Chairs
Modern Simple Economic Dining Plastic Chairs
School Cheap Stackable Dining Plastic Chairs
School Cheap Stackable Dining Plastic Chairs
Outdoor Cheap Stackable PP Chairs
Outdoor Cheap Stackable PP Chairs
PP Plastic Chair Cover Cool Office
PP Plastic Chair Cover Cool Office
Stackable Cheap Plastic Dining Room Chair
Stackable Cheap Plastic Dining Room Chair
Household Dining Chair Plastic Chair
Household Dining Chair Plastic Chair
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DongRong Plastic Chair Custom Options

We offer custom options to all our B2B clients around the world. Our unique designs will surely give you an advantage over your competitors in the market. DongRong has a design team to provide you with OEM design suggestions. Rest assured that your needs will be understood by our team.

Some of our common custom options for plastic chairs include:

Color. It can be made in a variety of colors to match a specific color scheme or brand.

Logo or branding. Our chairs can be printed or embossed with a company logo or other branding elements.

Size. We manufacture these chairs in different sizes to accommodate different customers’ needs.

Surface Finishing. DongRong can provide custom finishes to your plastic chairs to add a layer of protection against harsh conditions.

Plastic Chair Manufacturer

Plastic Chair Production in Our Factory

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology and a highly skilled workforce to manufacture high-quality plastic chairs. We are capable of producing up to 80 containers of these chairs. DongRong also has the capability to increase its production capacity as per the market demand.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility includes injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and more. Each chair undergoes strict quality control checks before they are packed and shipped. Thus, ensuring that only the best chairs reach our customers.

OEM Plastic Chair to Elevate Your Business

Plastic Chair
Plastic Chair

DongRong offers a diverse OEM service that will surely fulfill your demands and needs. We understand the importance of providing high-quality chairs to meet your specific needs. Thus, we are providing fully customizable plastic chairs based on your requirements. By partnering with us, you can expect a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to meet your plastic chair manufacturing needs. Elevate your business today with our OEM plastic chair!

High Strength

We manufacture these chairs using high-grade materials. It allows us to provide durability and longevity.


DongRong designed plastic chairs with elastic capabilities. This makes our chairs resistant to damage caused by impact.

Smooth Surface

With their smooth surface, we guarantee that our plastic chairs are easy to clean and have low maintenance.

Minimalist Design

These chairs are manufactured with a stylish, minimalist, and contemporary design that will surely keep up with the new trends.

Full Services

We have a complete range of marketing support. Thus, you can maximize and raise your brand awareness.

Wholesale and Competitive Prices

Our plastic chairs are always available at wholesale prices and in bulk quantities. Using inexpensive yet quality materials allow us to provide plastic chairs at competitive prices.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our company is dedicated to providing fast turnaround times for plastic chair manufacturing. We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines in the competitive market. Thus, DongRong strives to deliver your plastic chair orders as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

One Stop Furniture OEM Factory

Dongrong is a high-end OEM furniture manufacturer in China, we provide the best service to our customers.
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