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Professional Furniture Manufacturer
Dongrong designs high-quality and stylish furniture products for more than 20 years. From concept development to production, delivery, and installation, you can rely on us!

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Free Design Services

Our designers have the expertise and knowledge to help clients explore different design options, materials, & finishes, ensuring that the final product meets their exact specifications. Moreover, offering free design services can save clients both time & money, as they don’t have to invest in additional design consultations or services.

With access to professional designers and the latest design technology, our clients can be assured of exceptional and personalized furniture products that meet the highest quality standards.

Free design
Full Customization Support

Full Customization Support

At our company, our team of experienced designers and craftsmen has the expertise to help clients explore different design options, dimensions, materials, and finishes, ensuring that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional & comfortable.

Moreover, we offer our clients complete transparency throughout the production process, from concept development to delivery & installation.


Quality Control

We conduct regular quality control inspections at every stage of production from designing, manufacturing, and finishing. We use advanced testing equipment to ensure that every furniture piece meets the necessary quality criteria.

quality control


We place a strong emphasis on obtaining and maintaining full certifications for our products, materials, and production processes. These certifications include ISO 9001, FSC, BSCI, and Walmart, IS14001, among others.

By obtaining these certifications, we can assure our clients that our furniture products are of the highest quality & have been produced using sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.


Dedicated Project Consultant

Dedicated project consultants are assigned to each of our clients to ensure that their furniture project is executed seamlessly from start to finish.

Our project consultants are experienced professionals who will provide expert guidance and support throughout your entire project.

They serve as a single point of contact, facilitating communication between our design & production teams, and providing regular progress updates.

Dedicated Project Consultant

Product Gallery

Dongrong supplies different types of furniture products made from high-quality raw materials including metal, glass, plastic, and wood. We use state-of-the-art and advanced technology to produce each piece of furniture based on your needs.

One Stop Furniture OEM Factory

Dongrong is a high-end OEM furniture manufacturer in China, we provide the best service to our customers.
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